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The EU published European Democracy Action Plan: what is the role of digital transformation in it?

On 3 December 2020 the European Commission has published its European Democracy Action Plan. Affirming democracy as a core European value it aims to support digital transformation and strengthen the resilience of democracies in the EU and around the world in the face of national and global challenges.

The digital revolution has transformed democratic politics. Online political campaigns give political actors new opportunities to reach out to voters. It also brings new opportunities for civic engagement, making it easier for some groups — in particular young people — to access information and participate in public life and democratic debate. However, the rapid growth of online campaigning and online platforms has also opened up new vulnerabilities and made it more difficult to maintain the integrity of elections, ensure a free and plural media, protect the democratic process from disinformation and cyber threats and make online space accessible to everyone.

The action plan for 2020-2023 focuses on three priorities:

- Promote election integrity and promote democratic participation

- Strengthen media freedom and media pluralism

- Counter disinformation

The Action Plan is envisioned to be the principal guideline for defending and enhancing democracy in the EU, accession and neighbourhood countries.

Read the communication on the European Democracy Action Plan here:

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