Become a member

Are you interested in getting involved in our activities or in becoming a member?

Legal entities including NGOs, think-tanks, Universities and SMEs can become members by signing a membership agreement and accepting membership terms and conditions. The membership agreement is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Individual Membership is free of charge. When applying for membership, each member commits to achieve the objectives of the Alliance, with a contribution in kind, for example,

  • to be the Ambassador of the Alliance,
  • contribute to the policy areas of the Alliance by providing expertise,
  • engage in applications for Calls of Proposals and fundraising
  • to be a speaker at events, working groups of the European Commission etc.
Members who do not wish to contribute to the work of the Alliance and are interested in benefiting from expertise, networking opportunities and projects of the Alliance are invited to contribute to the Alliance with a membership fee which is calculated based on member’s capacities.

Universal benefits for all members:
  • Access to an established network for collaboration in EU policy and funding
  • Access to high-level meetings, working groups and decision-makers in the EU
  • Opportunity to use our open space access in DigitYser when members are in Brussels
  • Access to policy updates, reports, toolkits and guidelines
  • Monthly coordination calls and webinars, opportunity to share and network with like-minded organizations and professionals
  • Communication support by having access to EDDA’s followers on Twitter, FB, website visitors

Exclusive benefits for legal entities:
  • Facilitation on grant applications, legal and administrative support on applications submissions
  • Support and guidance in joint grants and tenders’ implementation