About us


EDDA is a European association which represents think-tanks, civil society organisations and experts focusing on digital policies and digital transformation. We are working with European Development and International Cooperation policies to share European experience of digital transformation around the globe. Besides, EDDA seeks to influence other non-development EU policies related to digital and tech innovations in order to tackle digital divide within the EU. EDDA unites 50+ members from different sectors including non-governmental experts, organisations, think-tanks and businesses from diverse fields.

Our vision

A Europe that promotes and nurtures digital development at home and further abroad to alleviate inequalities and bring prosperity and justice to the world.

What we do?

  • Policy expertise and advocacy at the EU level
  • Cooperation on EU funding schemes
  • Projects implementation
  • Organization of high-level meetings and events in the EU
  • Knowledge management and capacity building for our members
  • Communication support

Our Recent Projects

  • EU Lobby Bot is an algorithm helping citizens with questions or proposals to the Members of the EU Parliament to identify names and contacts of MEPs’ working on relevant issues.
  • Accessibility Checker is an online tool that analyses websites and recommends authorities what to change to make web-content user-friendly for people with visual impairments.
  • E-Women is an online platform powered and secured by blockchain technology, where women can express their ideas on local and national politics through e-petitions and e-voting.
  • Dushanbe TechBootCamp trained representatives of civil society organizations in using advanced innovative technologies allowing to develop prototypes of products that help address social problems in Tajikistan.
  • Almaty TechBookCamp strengthened the capacity of civil society to innovatively formulate technology-centric projects and introduced a range of technology tools for increasing the impact of civil society’s work in Kazakhstan.
  • EU Digital4Development policy
    EDDA contributes to consultations on the priorities of the EU Digital4Development policy and its implementation plan.
  • EU’s Artificial Intelligence working group
    EDDA is following and contributing to the work of the European Commission and the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence. It also assesses the policy developments and evolving practices in the area and their possible transfer to the neighbouring and partner countries.
  • Digital Democracy Database is a being-developed interactive map and a dataset providing principal information and classification of European e-democracy online platforms.

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